Applications of Exterior Differential Forms
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Meet the Prof et. al.

The Prof and wife Julie

A dog named Elie Cartan, but called Pucky, for short, was my constant companion for the last 8 years. He would sit at my feet as I worked on my PC writing things for Cartan's Corner. He would go to the University, and patiently wait in my office until I finished classes. He loved to ride in the car with his nose out the driver's side window. He was a two star dog in the sense that he has accompanied me to dinner in many restaurants, including those in France which have been awarded two stars in the Guide Michelin. He was smarter than any animal that I have known.

It was great loss for me when he died on December 7, 2000.

During our yearly travels to Europe, the outstanding climate and country side of the Provence always was our favorite. Pictured is the Mas de Bonoty near Carpentras. Julie and I have enjoyed many good meals at this restaurant-auberge in the French country side near Perne.

In the late summer of 2000 Julie and I bought a house near Mazan with a beautiful view of Mount Ventoux. It was a "Year in Provence" all over again to renovate the house using French workmen. It took us until June of 2001 to get to where the place was livable.

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