Instability Patterns, Wakes and Topological Limit Sets

R. M. Kiehn "Instability Patterns, Wakes and Topological Limit Sets" in J.P.Bonnet and M.N. Glauser, (eds) "Eddy Structure Identification in Free Turbulent Shear Flows" Kluwer Academic Publishers (1993) p. 363

Abstract: Many hydrodynamic instability patterns can be put into correspondence with a subset of characteristic surfaces of tangential discontinuities. These topological limit sets to systems of hyperbolic PDE's are locally unstable, but a certain subset associated with minimal surfaces are globally stabilized, persistent and non-dissipative. Sections of theses surfaces are the spiral scrolls so often obesrved in hydrodynamic wakes. This method of wake production does not depend upon viscosity.


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