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Buzz Parsec has a deep interest in writing about new and visionary sciences, but his major objective is to write it in such a way that his wife (who doesn't know trigonometry) can understand what it is all about. He is developing a book entitled "Cosmic Strings, Falaco Solitons, and the Origin of Life". To show you the difficulties of his selected task, his wife thinks that M-branes are synonyms for "lame brains", that Hilbert space is the same as Dilbert space, and imaginary numbers must be accompanied by spaced out OOAAHH OOAAHH music.......... (As Charlie Brown says after Lucy does him in ......AAAGGGHHHH !!!!)

Cosmic Strings, Falaco Solitons,
and the Origin of Life


By Buzz Parsec

Table of Contents

Introduction: Cosmology, Current M-brane theory and the extension to Implicit Surfaces

Chapter 1 The Falaco Effect: Cosmological Strings in a Swimming Pool
Chapter 2 To Fractal Infinity and Beyond: Minimal Surfaces and Persistent Wakes
Chapter 3 Curvature of Implicit Surfaces and Beyond General Relativity
Chapter 4 Electrodynamics with Topological Torsion and Topological Spin
Chapter 5 The Adjoint Curvature of Implicit Hypersurfaces
Chapter 6 Adjoint Curvature: the Interaction of Potentials and Current Densities
Chapter 7 Thermodynamic Irreversibility and Cartan's Magic Formula
Chapter 8 Internal Energy Density and Adjoint Curvature.
Chapter 9 Origins of Life: Continuous Topological Evolution and Self-similar Replication
Chapter 10 Biological M-branes and Minimal surfaces with Imaginary Curvatures.


Appendix 1 The Hopf map, Minimal Surfaces, and Spinors.
Appendix 2 Chirality, Orientability, Spin and Biological Handedness
Appendix 3 A Logical Arrow of Time
Appendix 4 The speed of light can be different in different directions. Appendix 5 Saturn's Rings and Torsion solutions to Maxwell's Equations.
Appendix 6 Interaction of Potentials and Charge-Current densities prevents Black Holes
Appendix 7 Turbulence vs Chaos, and Topological Defects
Appendix 8 Period integrals and Quantization

Each of the 10 main chapters will be written without the use of equations, and followed by an epilogue written by Mrs. Parsec, stating how she views what has been said. (That should be amusing).

The Appendices will be a bit more heavy duty in math, and will include links to Maple programs that will do the tiresome stuff for you automatically.

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