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Current Topics in Applied Topology, 2012. Scroll down.

posted Nov 12, 2012,


The pdf file "ParticlesWavesSH.pdf" studies

  • "The Geometrization of Thermodynamics" ......(Particles via Caratheodory)
  • "The Topolization of Thermodynamics" ......(Particles and Waves via Grassmann algebra)
    The Particle, T0, topologies and the Wave-Diffusion, Not-T0, topologies
    are applicable to the study of non-equilibrium thermodynamic systems and processes

    posted Mar 5, 2012,


    The pdf file "NavierStokes2012.pdf" demonstrates how to obtain analytic solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations which are of Pfaff Topological dimension (class)4. Such flows of Pfaff Topological Dimension 4, describe continuous topological evolution, and are thermodynamically irreversible and dissipative. Hence such solutions can be used to describe the details of hydrodynamic Turbulence.

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  • Topological Torsion Picture Catalogue.

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