Topological Parity dA^dA # 0

Where Topological Torsion is a feature of three or more dimensions, Topological Parity is a property of four or more dimensions. An argument can be made that Topological Parity cannot be zero in irreversible systems, Therefore, turbulent hydrodynamic flows must have none null Topological Parity. In electromagnetic systems, a non-zero value of E.B, the second Poincare invariant, is a signature of Topological Parity. In field theories of elementary particles, such effects lead to the breaking of parity symmetry
[Callan 1972]. However, the idea is a topological concept, and can happen at all scales. The concept of non-null topological parity leads to the result that in such spaces the speed of light is NOT the same in both directions [Kiehn 1991].

The arguments above apply to a 4 dimensional variety, like space time, but the concepts can be extended to N forms dA^dA... and N-1 forms A^dA...


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