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Baldwin, P. and Kiehn, R. M., 1991, "Cartan's Topological
, This was first presented at the Santa Barbara conference in Topology in Fluid
Dynamics. A much amplified version has been submitted for publication. Also see Kiehn 1992a

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Kiehn, R. M., (1986), "Falaco Solitons";, The recognition of Falaco solitons
was made in 1986 while in the swimming pool of a life long friend in Rio de Janeiro.
The concepts were first presented as a talk at the winter (1987) meeting of Dynamics Days in Austin,
and later at an APS meeting. Also see Kiehn 1991c and Kiehn 1992a.

Nov 1987. "Why are these disks dark?" with Sterling Phys Fluids 30 11

Kiehn (1988). APS meeting in Baltimore: with C. Daggs "Topological Torsion and the ABC flow"

Mar (1989). APS meeting at Houston.
" Talk with abstract:"Topological Torsion, Frenet Torsion, and Helicity Density"

Kiehn (1989) Invited panelist Unanswered questions in Fluid Mechanics SAF meeting of the ASME.
"Irreversible Topological Evolution in Fluid Mechanics" ASME 89-WA/FE-5 1989.

Kiehn, R. M., (1990a) "Topological Torsion, Pfaff Dimension
and Coherent Structures"
;, in: H. K. Moffatt and T. S. Tsinober eds, Topological Fluid Mechanics, (Cambridge University Press), 449-458 .

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Kiehn, R.M., Kiehn, G. P., and Roberds, R. B., (1991) HREF="../pd2/pd2fre10.htm">, "Parity
and Time-reversal symmetry Breaking, Singular Solutions and Fresnel Surfaces";, Phys Rev A, 43 , p. 5665

Kiehn, R. M. , (1991a), "Continuous Topological Evolution"
This article was first written in 1991, and presented at an APS meeting. Pieces were used in some of the
articles listed below. An updated version has been submittted for publication.

Kiehn, R. M.,(1991b) "Topological Parity and the turbulent state of a Navier Stokes Fluid", This article was presented as a poster at Dynamics Days. A
complete version has been submitted to Fluid DynamicsResearch

Kiehn, R. M., (1991c), "Compact Dissipative Flow Structures
with Topological Coherence Embedded in Eulerian Environments"
, in: Non-linear Dynamics of Structures, edited by R.Z. Sagdeev, U. Frisch, F. Hussain, S. S. Moiseev and N. S. Erokhin, (World Scientific Press, Singapore ) p.139-164.

Kiehn R. M., (1991d), "Are there three kinds of superconductivity", Int. J. of Mod. Phys. 10,1779

Kiehn, R. M.,(1992a) "Topological Defects, Coherent Structures
and Turbulence in Terms of Cartan's Theory of Differential Topology"
in "Developments in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics" Proceedings of the SECTAM XVI conference, B. N. Antar, R. Engels, A.A. Prinaris and T. H. Moulden, Editors, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN 37388 USA.

Kiehn, R. M., (1992b) "Instability Patterns, Wakes and Topological
Limit Sets"
; Poitier IUTAM conference 1992. .

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with Fractal Boundaries"
; Barcelona ERCOFTAC meeting.

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