Falaco Solitons

A Falaco Soliton is a pair of locally unstable two dimensional structures, or defects, created in a discontinuity surface. The pair of 2-D hyperbolic defects are globally stabilized by a 1-D defect in the form of a thread, or string, that connects singular points in the 2-D defects. The pair cannot be separated, for cutting the connecting string destroys the robust stability of the 2-D defects. A signature of a forming Falaco Soliton is a set of spiral caustics, or arms, around each rotational center.

More detail

The Falaco effect is a topological effect, and therefore can appear at all scales: sub-atomic, macroscopic, or cosmological. It is easily demonstrated in a swimming pool. The phenomena gives credence to the conjecture that a Hadron is a pair of Quarks on the ends of a string, as well as other interesting ideas.

Is it possible that the 2-dimensional spiral galaxy M31 is connected by a thread to our Milky Way galaxy?

Does such a process obviate the need for a Black Hole?

Is the Falaco global stabilization mechanism another method of spin pairing (to form a Boson state) that does not depend upon sound, and could take place in the Fermi surface?

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